Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Deliciously Disposable Earth was an international multimedia art exhibition and screening series that offered a critical view on contemporary mining practices around the world. Issues of property and wealth, impacts on human and natural environments, new models of colonialism, and questions around sustainability were examined by an array of international and local artists through work ranging from paintings of open pit mines in New Mexico, to a performance where you were able to enjoy some delicious ice cream made with glacier ice (take advantage of it before it all MELTS!!), to an exhibition that explores the mining of human bodies through 'discovered' DNA now being privatized for corporate profit. In addition to the gallery exhibition, there also was a screening series in collaboration with Pittsburgh Filmmakers, which showed documentary work addressing specific mining issues in Latin America and Appalachia.


This exhibition was organized and curated by media artist Carolina Loyola-Garcia and produced by the Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery. Deliciously Disposable Earth has also received the support of Robert Morris University, the Pittsburgh Jewish-Israeli Film Festival, ArtIs, Appalshop, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, ArtUp, and the Multicultural Arts Initiative.


Exhibiting artists included Karin Bergdolt, Larry Bogad, Ernesto Cabellos, Yi-Chuan Chen, Eugénie Michelle Gasson, Itamar Jobani, Clayton Merrell, Tom & Connie Merriman, Mimi Pickering, Jane Rainwater, Lucy Raven, Shelby Skumanich, and the cyberfeminist collective subRosa.

TRAF Gallery

Pittsburgh, PA - USA

01.17.08 - 02.23.08


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