Carolina Loyola-Garcia


A Video and Sound Installation with Sculptural Teardrops/Speakers

937 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA - 2006


Diverse international organizations, like the United Nations, World Water Council, and Women's Coalition, among others, have estimated that the major socio-political problems and civil wars of the future will be due to the access and ownership of clean sources of water. World leaders and their administrations have not been able to agree and provide a viable solution and vision to handle this issue.


FRAGILE is a video and audio installation that reflects on the use and abuse of water by industry and various human communities in the hope to create public awareness and generate discussion around this fundamental topic.


This installation was created for the Three Rivers Arts Festival annual exhibition called "Pittsburgh's Best 2006", and was on display in June 2006.


A video loop is projected onto the screen and teardrops, while the teardrops deliver the soundtrack through built-in speakers.