Carolina Loyola-Garcia


Installation :: Video, audio, and photographic prints

by Carolina Loyola-Garcia & Andres Tapia-Urzua.

┬ęCLG/ATU 2005


ArtUp Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA


Membrana is the result of an investigation on aspects of our lives that seem to drive our subjectivities, frustrations, and desires. The bed was selected as the main stage for the piece since it is that particular space that holds most of our intimate experiences: dreams, games, rest, discussions, intimacy, healing, children, tears, orgasms. These experiences fuel our lives as creative individuals, as parents, as lovers; and have also become our memories, our bodies, our shared conscience.


Membranes in our bodies play the role of both separating and holding together organs or cells. They are thin and delicate. Flexible, but breakable. As artists and lovers we are interested in those invisible membranes that let us stretch far out while at the same time holding us within.