Carolina Loyola-Garcia

The Domesticity of Abandonment was an international exhibition exploring the idea of abandonment from a broad socio/political and economical context and how it is represented in ‘domestic’ ways, meaning how it impacts regular people in their everyday lives in various parts of the world. What happens to civilians caught in civil war, occupations, genocide? How do families get displaced due to industries being moved to foreign countries? How does it look when whole communities have to leave their homes to become environmental or political refugees?


Macroeconomic, political and social decisions that are made from the top down rarely reflect the interests of people. Decisions affecting people’s lives should be a result of the interests of specific communities and reflect their needs, their lifestyles, and their cultural identity. It is through empowering individuals who are invested in their communities that positive economic development happens.


This exhibition hoped to bring some of these issues to light to create dialog and engage audiences in proactive discussions, so necessary today given the current political environment enveloping the world.


This exhibition was organized and guest curated by media artist Carolina Loyola-Garcia for SPACE Gallery, in Pittsburgh, PA.

It ran from 12.09.16 through 1.29.17


Exhibiting artists included Aysu Arsoy, Joey Behrens, Nicholas Childers, Rose Clancy, Dragana Crnjak, T. Foley, AStephen Grebinski, Christine Holtz, Deborah Hosking, Bashar Alhroub, Oualid Khelifi, Maritza Mosquera, Cigdem Slankard, Susanne Slavick, Hyla Willis.

SPACE Gallery

Pittsburgh, PA - USA

12.09.16 - 01.29.17